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Paragraph on “Drugs and Medicines” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Drugs and Medicines

Medicines and drugs are substances prescribed by doctors for the cure of illnesses and they should never be taken without the advice of a doctor. Drugs are used to cure or prevent illnesses, they are also treat emotional disorders, ease pain and relieve the effects of the disease. Prior to prescribing a drug a doctor examines the patient and based on the symptoms or medical tests he diagnoses the ailment. Not all drugs suit all people, some may have an allergy for  a particular drug and may, for example, develop a rash on consuming that drug. Drugs were earlier made from plants, herbs and animals. Today they are also made from chemicals and with genetic engineering, like Aspirin from chemicals, Insulin from cattle and pigs etc. Different drugs are administered to patients through different methods, some are given with injections, others in the shape of sweetened syrups, especially for children, and yet others in the form of sugar coated pills and capsules. Some drugs like Heroin, Cocaine etc are illegal since they cause addiction and the ultimate death or insanity of a person due to excessive consumption. Pills, tablets or syrups are called oral drugs because these are taken by swallowing and they first go into the digestive system. It is from here that they go into the bloodstream. Oral drugs and medicines take a little longer time to react compared to drugs which are administered straight into the bloodstream with the help of injections. Capsules react faster compared to pills and they may contain a combination of various types of drugs, Pills can have a thicker or a thinner outer coating depending upon the reaction time required. Each drug has a specific purpose and in most it may act only on one part of the body. The development of drugs practically a never ending process because every day scientists are discovering new drugs or new uses and side effects for old ones.


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