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Paragraph on “Ballpoint Pens” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Ballpoint Pens

As the name suggests the tip of a ballpoint pen contains a small ball made of iron or other material which leaves a trail of ink as we write with it. A ballpoint pen has three parts i.e. the outer cover or shell made of metal or plastic, the inner reservoir of ink, containing a thick, gelatinous and quick drying ink, and the tip or point which houses the ball. The tip, on one end is connected to the reservoir of ink and the other end contains the ball which is half inside and half outside the tip’s shell. As we rub the tip on a piece of paper, the ball rotates and the inner side of the ball which is coated with ink moves outwards thus leaving a mark on the surface, as the rotation continues, it gets re-coated with ink thus ensuring a constant flow of ink which is descending down from the reservoir. Ball point pens have various types of mechanisms, including rotary retraction, where the tip is retracted by rotating the cap. A ball and groove retraction, where a push button pushes a ball into a groove thus pushing the tip out of the shell, or a simple push button system. All these allow the tip to be pushed out or retracted when not in use.


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