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Paragraph on “Television” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


The modern television was made possible as a result of the developments in electronics in the twentieth century and it was largely developed by a Hungarian scientist called V.K.Zworykin between the years 1923 and 1939. The television set we have in our houses is basically a receiving unit for the images which are captured and transmitted by the T.V. Camera. The T.V. Camera sends the light from an image to a photoelectric plate, which has a large number of photoelectric cells, which produce electric signals once they are stimulated by light. These cells then discharge their electricity line by line when they are explored, by an electronic beam. The beam thus records a series of electric signals which are then transmitted by radio waves to the television antenna we have on our T.V. sets or on our roof tops. A conversion device in the television then transforms these radio signals back to electric signals.

The television sets also have an electric beam which reverses the process carried out inside a T.V. camera. The incoming signals guide the beam to light up specific phosphorescent particles in the cathode ray tube, or picture tube, in the T.V. sets. As these particles light up in the picture tube, the image is reconstructed and we get the picture on our television screens. In colour televisions, the circuitry is slightly complicated because there are different beams for different colours. The colours we see on the screen are broken down into three colours i.e. Red, Green and Blue. Three separate electronic guns produce three electronic beams of the above colours which light up the concerned photosensitive particles in the picture tube. Televisions are available in all shapes and sizes and with features like remote control as well. The remote control is a device, shaped like the control console on the television, which allows us to have cordless control over the television placed in the room.


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