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Paragraph on “Balance of Life and Survival” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Balance of Life and Survival

Nature has a unique way of maintaining a balance of life and ensuring `Survival of the fittest’. This is based upon the basic fact that all living things and plants are inter-dependent upon each other. Air is the most basic resource we have, if all living things give out carbon dioxide during respiration then plants use the same in photosynthesis and release out oxygen which is in turn again consumed by all living beings. Besides this animals depend upon plants for food. Some animals eat plants, these plant eaters are then eaten by flesh eating animals, who are then eaten by another group of predators. Thus the survival of one link in the chain is necessary for the next one.

Nature maintains its own balance through a reasonably constant number of plants and animals. This balance is based upon the availability of a limited amount of food, therefore there is a survival of the fittest. Which means that if there is a sudden increase in the number of animals, then some would perish because of less food while others would become food for predators. There are times when certain species become excessive in numbers, these are then called pests, but over a period of time these too get controlled. Often these imbalances are caused by man, stripping down of forests is a live example. In the quest of development man has cut down a large number of trees without planting any more, as a result of this many species are on the verge of extinction. Another example is the killing of wild animals for their skins or large scale fishing in the seas. An imbalance is also being caused by pollution which is killing thousands of creatures each day, oil spills in the seas take their tolls both on birds and flora and fauna. Man is attempting to control this imbalance today by controlling pollution, protecting and breeding the endangered species, in captivity, in wildlife parks and re-planting forests in large areas.



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