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Paragraph on “Wonders of the Animal World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Wonders of the Animal World

On thinking of animals, we can recall them with certain shapes, colours and sizes which are commonly seen. When discussing a spider, we can think of a common household spider, or a poisonous black widow spider, we may even know of the Tarantulas which live in burrows, but we may not know of the ‘Water spider’ which lives it’s entire life under water by making air bells, webbed bubbles of air, in which it lives and breeds. The animal kingdom has its assortment of wonders.

In the seas we have fish called the ‘Flying Fish’ with fins which are specially developed and act as wings when they are out of water. When these fish are chased by predators they leap out of water and glide in air for distances upto about 300 ft with the help of these wing-like fins. Nature manages to maintain its own balance between all types of living things by providing some of the weaker ones with certain physical characteristics which help in their survival. One of the greatest wonders of survival is a prehistoric fish called the Coelacanth which was believed to be extinct but in 1938 it was discovered at a depth of about 1000 ft near the Comoro Islands near South East Africa.

Most animals and living creatures have peculiar shapes and colours to help them in warning predators, the Sea slug for example has very bright colours and an unpleasant taste, with the help of its bright colours it advertises the fact that it should not be eaten.

Animals have other capabilities which are helpful in many ways, bats for example use sound waves to help them in flying in the dark, when sounds emitted by a bat bounce off an object, it knows that there is something in its path, thus avoiding it while flying. Among the Insects the heaviest is the Goliath Beetle which may weigh as much as 100 gms. The amphibian Axoloti, a type of salamander, lives its entire life and breeds as a Larva.



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