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My Favourite Timepass, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Favourite Timepass

A hobby is an activity one takes up in one’s spare time (leisure hours). It is taken up for change and pleasure. In fact, it is a useful employment of time.

Different people have different hobbies. I am a student. I cannot go on reading books all the time. After spending six hours at school, I cannot continue studying immediately. I feel myself mentally tired. After lunch, I devote an hour or two to gardening. I enjoy gardening very much.

In front of my house, there is a vacant plot. I have turned it into a small garden. Flowers refresh my eyes. At first, the place didn’t look beautiful at all. But I worked hard to turn the plot into a garden. My labour bore fruit. I have also grown some vegetables and fruit trees here.

Now the place looks very beautiful and attractive. I have read a few books on gardening. These books have enriched my knowledge about plants and trees. They are vital for the survival of all living beings.

Whosoever visits my garden praises me. I feel proud of my hobby. I work in it every day. Sometimes my parents help me. When beautiful flowers bloom, the place looks even more beautiful. The neem tree keeps the environment fresh. I have grown here some tulsi plants too. Hey have their own medicinal value besides keeping the area fresh and pure. I have grown flower plants of many varieties. They fill the area with a sweet-smelling odour.

I like to see the plants growing new leaves and buds and then turn into flowers. It pleases my senses and fills them with pride. My hobby is also profitable. The vegetables grown in the garden help mothers to buy less of them. Whenever a guest arrives, she needs not to run to the market to buy vegetables. Fresh vegetables are available here. This hobby of mine has also curtailed my kitchen expenses.

This hobby gives me physical exercise too. Moreover, it relieves me from the boredom of my studies. I study with a refreshed brain. Most important it keeps me away from bad company. By all means it is a useful hobby.


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