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Early Rising, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Early Rising

There is a famous saying. It is: ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. It is quite true.

The advantages of early rising are limitless. A person who gets up early in the morning has enough time at his or her disposal. He goes for a walk. There he finds himself in the lap of nature. He breathes fresh and pure air which keeps his lungs better. He feels himself fresh and fit for the day’s work.

An early riser has the advantage of watching the rising sun which is good for eye-sight. He gets enough time to finish his work that too in time. He is always in time. He is regular and punctual too.

He does worship God. He comes closer to nature which provides all the vital things of life.

An early riser leaves his today’s work on tomorrow. He does not leave any work pending. He lives and enjoys peace. He does not do his work in a hurry as he has a lot of time to finish his work with a cool mind. He does possess a sound mind and a healthy body. These qualities of head and heart keep him away from the evils of the modern day. Early rising is full of advantages. One gets time for the morning as well as evening walks. He takes exercise every day. These in turn keep him strong, fresh and robust. Such a person is capable of achieving the impossible that others fail to achieve. By doing a lot of work in one’s field one can earn more than others. Thus, undoubtedly, early rising is by all means useful for an early riser. He need not visit a doctor as he always keeps himself physically fit and mentally alert. Such a person values creativity. Laziness does not approach him.


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