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Love letter example “A Lover’s Letter” with reply 

Love letter example “A Lover’s Letter” with reply 

In the train,

3rd May, 200….

My darling Veeena,

I suppose I am the happiest man alive today. The morning’s post brought me the wonderful news that your people approve of your engagement. Did you know that both of them wrote to me most charming letter? I didn’t realize that they guessed, as apparently they had, that something was in the wind. I thought we had been so dark about it. Either they must be a most observant couple, or else we must have over-rated our powers of concealment.

Now if feel I want everyone the whole world over to know. Bless you a thousand time, my love , for bringing all this happiness to me.

How simply glorious it is going to be these next few months, thinking together, talking together, planning together, working together for the future?

 I am seeing your father on Saturday at lunch and I shall see you – if I can wait so long – on Sunday. It seems years ahead,  my pet. I don’t know what is wrong with my watch you know. The hours I wait before seeing you seem to drag by, but the hours I spend with you simply flash by. I hope your watch suffers from the same complaint.

Please excuse the uneven writing. I am dashing off this note on my way to town in the train, as I want you to receive it today. The jolting train may be wholly responsible for the unsteadiness in the writing. Who could keep his hand steady when every throb of the engine took him nearer to happiness?

Jaipur Station! I must stop, but not before I have told you once again that with all my heart, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Yours ever and always.


Reply to the above

Rajinder darling,

How sweet of you to write such a charming letter to me on your way to Delhi! You can imagine how I felt when I saw your handwriting on one of father’s letters this morning. He always reads his letters at breakfast (a bad habit for future husbands to follow, by the way). Out of the corner of my eye I was watching his face as he read it. When he had finished it, he passed it over the Mother , “Here you are, Mother , this won’t surprise you.” Then I knew it was all right. There are simply marvelous in what they said about you,  Rajinder dear I believe they are profoundly happy about it all.

I am so glad that this is the case, because Mummy and Daddy have been wonderful parents to me. Since the arrival of your letter, I don’t think I’ve stopped talking to Mummy about you and all your love and kindness to me. You are always sweet in all you do and say to me that you completely capture all my heart. Mummy has been so patient in listening as I have extolled all your virtues, bless her, but I feel I could go  on all day, telling her what you mean to me and what you have brought into my life.

When I am apart from you, I go over all the lovely things you said to me when last I saw you and I think of  all the loving things I shall say when next I see you. But when we meet,  I forget them  all in the sheer delight of being again with you. And one day, I shall be with you for always, when we go into our own little home.

How happy we are going to be, Rajinder darling, how very happy ! How I shall hurry through the work of the day to be all ready for your return in the evening and what glorious we shall have as we sit together round our own fireside! I find my cheeks a glow and my heart thumping at the thought of it, dear.

I hope you have a good lunch on with Daddy.  Sunday comes after Saturday, when I shall see you again.

So I send you all the love of my heart, my own beloved Rajinder.

Your own adoring,



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