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Love Letter for “A Proposal of Marriage” with reply of the letter

Love Letter for “A Proposal of Marriage” with reply of the letter


My Dearest Priya,

What I have to say in this letter may come as surprise to you. Perhaps, though it may not. Such a sweet person as yourself must have some inkling before I cam away, of the way my feelings were working. Indeed, it seemed to me that you held out hope and encouragement.

Since we have been separated, my dear, it has been absolutely crystal clear to me that you are the one woman in the world for me. To go through life at your side to have the right to look after you this seems to me to offer the only happiness that life holds. Can I hope you feel the same? Will you agree to be my wife?

Your know that I love you, and that since we parted six months ago my feelings have got even stronger. I couldn’t ask you then, because we hadn’t know each other long, and in any case I expected to be home again, soon.

I know that I can’t offer you much – not even myself yet a while—and goodness knows how much longer shall be stuck out here. But there must be an end of it soon, and the waiting will be less dreary if I can think that the end will be the beginning of a new leaf with you as my wife.

I hope you can read between the lines and guess just how much I really love and want you can.

Yours for ever,

If you want me, darling,



Reply to above

My Dear Karan

Oh, yes, yes, yes !

But that is just to confirm my telegram with same words which you should get to –day.

It was sweet of you to insist that I should think it all over before making up my mind. But my answer is still “YES” my darling. The more I think about it the more certain I am. Love you so very much as deeply as you love me and our conversations of last night has made me the happiest girl in the world! I tell you again how very much I  love you and for you to tell me.

I know you can’t name day,  I’m as fed up about this separation as you are. It’s no good asking you to be patient, because I’m terribly impatient myself. We must just hope and dream.

All my love to you, darling.

Yours for ever,



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  1. Ellis tech says:

    oh finally find it, I am searching for the best post for many months ! Your material is very useful. Thanks for sharing ! I have always considered you my friend, but I believe that my feelings are much more for you than just a friend. I know that this proposal is sudden, and you need some time to think about your future with me, but I promise to stay with you and love you until my last breath. So you can think and take all the time you want. Waiting for your reply.

  2. speakyourmindhere says:

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