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Love Letter example From Man  to Woman with reply by woman

Love Letter example From Man  to Woman with reply by woman

 Dearest Lalita,

I suppose I am the happiest  man alive today. This morning’s post brought me the wonderful news that your parent approve of your engagement. Did you know that both of them wrote to me the most charming letter?

Now I feel I want everyone the whole world over to know. Bless you a thousand time, my love, for bringing this happiness to me.

It’s October 15th , that means our weddings is only three weeks away. You’re in my thoughts every minute of the day , in my dreams every of the night. I know we’re going to have a marvelous life together. I love you more than I ever dreamed it would be possible to love anyone.  

All my love and my million kisses!

Yours ever and always,



Reply to above

Darling Jitendra,

How sweet of you to write such a charming letter to me. You can imagine how I felt when I saw your hand writing. Think you …… Did anyone ever tell you that you’re  a pretty grand person?

Your letter this morning is sweet. But don’t be jealous dear!  Your have no reason to be. I love only – and shall never lose anyone else, ever!

How happy we are going to be, how very Happy! How I shall hurry through the work of the day to be all ready for your return in the evening and that glorious hours we shall have as we sit together.

Good – bye now, darling ….. don’t ever stop loving me!

Yours own adoring,



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