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Letter from a mother to a son on getting a job.

Letter from a mother to a son on getting a job.

My Dear Son, Ankur.

I received your telegram on 31st May 2003 and could not prevent my tears which flowed in happiness of your success. It seemed to me that all your father’s dream has been given a concrete shape. How happy he would have been at your success, cannot be expressed in words. Your sister has already announced your job to the entire locality. All this success of joining the IAS cadre is the result of your tireless effort and a strong will power to overcome adverse circumstances. Your honest intention of serving your country is also on important factor. Remember son, do not let success go into your head, on the contrary try to improve yourself. Have confidence in yourself and faith in the Almighty. Your sister has expressed her desire to meet you and surprise you with a gift. Knowing how arrogant your sister is, I hope you come only for a day or two and meet her. Take care of yourself. My blessing is always with you.



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