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Letter to a friend who is undergoing depression.

Letter to a friend who is undergoing depression.

Dear Devindra,

I received your letter dt. 26th May 2003, today in the afternoon and while going through the letter, I could imagine your mental state of having lost a job. How are Bhabhi and the children? First of all, let me tell you that need not worry about the job. You are a highly capable and qualified person and very soon you will land yourself in a decent job, but before that check the credentials of the company and do not repeat the mistake of joining a fraud organisation. Do not let the family be affected by your mental condition. Keep a cool head. If you are interested to work in Delhi, let me know as the chances of a bright future cannot be found in Lucknow. In the meantime, if you need some finance, do not hesitate to tell me frankly. After all, we have been friends right from school time. Try to come down to Delhi for a week alongwith your family, as it is vacation time for the children. An outing will do you a lot of good. Remember after all friends are for such times. Looking forward to your visit to Delhi.

Forever Yours,



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