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Learn online DBMS “Advantages of using DBMS approach and Limitations of Database Management system” Lesson 5


Advantages of using DBMS approach
The need of DBMS itself explains the advantages of using a DBMS. Following are the advantages of using a DBMS:
1. Reduction of redundancies – Data in a DBMS is more concise because of the central repository of data. All the data that is accessed is stored at one place. There is no repetition of the same data. This also reduces the cost of storing data on hard disks or other memory devices.
2. Improved consistency –The chances of data inconsistencies in a database are also reduced as there is a single copy of data that is accessed or updated by all the interfaces.
3. Improved availability–Same information is made available to different users. This provides sharing of information byvarious users of the database.
4. Improved security – Though of there is improvement in the availability of information to users but it may also be required to restrict the access to confidential information. By making use of passwords and controlling user accounts database access rights, the DBA can provide security to the database.
5. User friendly – Using a DBMS it becomes very easy to access, modify and delete data. It reduces the dependency of users on computer specialists to perform various data related operation in a DBMS because of its user friendly interface.
Limitations of using DBMS approach.

The two main disadvantages of using a DBMS:
1. High Cost – The cost of implementing a DBMS system is very high. It is also a very time-consuming process which involves analyzing user requirements, designing the database specifications, writing application programs and then also providing training.
2. Security and recovery overheads – Unauthorized access to a database can lead to threat to the individual or organization depending on the data stored. Also the data must be regularly backed up to prevent its loss due to fire, earthquakes etc.
Hence the DBMS approach is usually not preferred when the database is small, well defined, less frequently changed and used by few users.



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