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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Who is Responsible for Environment Protection?” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Who is Responsible for Environment Protection?

The level of environment is falling with the every fraction of second. Modernization has overpowered the natural beauty of the environment by making the people more materialistic. This is resulting in the pollution. The various thoughts are emerging in the matter of protecting environment from the clutches of pollution. Some people claims that government can only improve the situation while the others hold the view that individuals are responsible. But, contribution from both the sides will prove influential.

The issue of the responsibility of government is to be discuses first. The government can help in the long run because the improvement and cleaning of environment needs proper projects and schemes. Only government can afford these kinds of huge sums to launch any big project. There are many people working I a single block that can work in collaboration but an individual cannot afford piles of money alone. Besides, the government can make strict rules and can enforce them on people. The people who disturb the eco system by cutting the trees and killing the animals can only be brought to blue book by government.

The other side holds the individuals responsible for the protection of environment. The reasons are quite convincing. The pollution is the result of the activities of the human beings. So, if they can control the work and deed by themselves it can really effect the situation of the environment. The government cannot keep an eye on each and every individual. Moreover, the human beings can motivate and inspire others by their good work as the co-citizens are more influential rather than the threats of the government.

To wrap it up, it is right to state that the no one can tackle this serious problem alone. The government and the individuals should join the hands to deal with this. Only then the protection of environment can be ensured.


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