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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Urban vs. Rural areas” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Urban vs. Rural areas

Urban and rural areas, these two are poles apart. The difference can be noticed clearly without thinking twice. These two areas differ on the basis of various reasons. The cities are the developed form of villages. The evolution that the modern world is witnessing is the prime result that it has divided the areas based on their characteristics. The features of both rural and urban area have been put forth I the subsequent paragraphs.

To initiate with the distinguishing features of urban area, there are many factors that draw a line between the rural and urban area. The first and foremost is the surroundings. The urban area is surrounded by the multiplexes and factories. The residential area is in the middle of large buildings. The second most important fact is that the city buildings are designed differently. The driving forces behind selecting the design are also different such as the size of family, the area and many more. The facilities are too much in cities. The medical, educational, recreational every kind of facilities is there.

On the contrast, the rural areas are more spacious while the city people face the problem of congestion. The rural dwellers are free from the pollution and bad elements I environment. They breathe in the clean and pollution free air. The villages lack in the facilities such as schools and colleges. But, the rural areas are the most productive as they provide food to the world. The people are straight forward and like to live the life to the fullest.

The both areas have their own positive aspects and drawbacks. The modern villages are provided with the up to date facilities and the cities are made healthier by making the citizens aware. The line is blurring with the advancement in the world.


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