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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Underdeveloped Countries and their Problems” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Underdeveloped Countries and their Problems



The world is full the different countries, different people, species and many more. Therefore the economic status of 3each and every country varies that depends upon their earning and spending. Some countries are rich while the other countries are poor. The poor countries are given the name of underdeveloped countries and the rich come under the category of developed nations. The less developed countries face many crises due to different reasons. Here are the problems that are faced by them.

Let’s ponder over the bad situations that are faced by the poor countries. The first and foremost is the shortage of eatables and even the availability of drinking water. The recent example is of South Africa where one reason is running short of drinking water. The poor countries have the limited sources of food and eatables that’s why they run short of the food. They are unable to meet the demands of their countrymen regarding food and beverages. It gives birth to poverty. The problem of poverty raises its head due to shortage of sources. The natives cannot fulfill their demands and requirement from their own county.

Furthermore, the less developed nations have to depend upon the developed countries. It paves the paves the way for their exploitation from the rich nations. The helpless nations have to give consent and have to follow the policies of the dominant countries. The prevalence of diseases and other problems sometimes play havoc with the lives of the dwellers as the government is unable to provide the health and sanitation due to lack of funds. The education level of these countries is also very low. Thus, the standard of living and the awareness is in low proportion among the natives.

The well developed nations and the organizations are working towards the noble cause of bringing change in the bad condition of the destitute nations. The picture of their identities is not that much blur as it was used to in the past era. Yet, it will take a long time to put them on the road of progress in the proper way.


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