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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Importance of Creative Skills” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Importance of Creative Skills


Each and every human being is blessed with the unique qualities that help in making him or her different from the others. Some individuals make their identity up from the mob by showing some creativity through their personality. The writers, the painters, dancers and even the common tailor can attract the attention of people by the medium of their skills. The need and importance of these skills is mentioned below.

The first and foremost gravitating feature of the different talent is that it helps in recognizing the worth and identity of a person. The unique ability of an individual assist in developing personality and identifying the creative attributes. The self worth and the fame among the other common people can work wonders in adding more benefits. Moreover, the spare time can be utilized in the most appropriate way with the help of creative arts. A person can know his hidden talent only with the help of knowing his creativity.

The materialistic and practical value of having uniqueness cannot be ignored. The economic factor is quite relevant. The artists who have become rich with their talents are worth mentioning here. There are many examples of people who have become famous by following the path of their creativity. The glittering world of fame welcomed them with open arms. Charles dickens, Chetan bhagat, Bob Ross and many more who chose the way of immortalization through their work of creativity.

The inculcation is as important as the realization. Some people have the inborn quality such as singers while some develop taste after wards as it happens in the case of painters. The hunt of talent is utterly important to ensure the success.


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