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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Effect of Compute Games upon Children” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Effect of Compute Games upon Children


Gone are the days when children had the only source of playing outside. The modern world is flooded with the new invention that can entertain the children in different ways. Computer is also one of them. It has the attractive feature of video games that lure children to spend more time in front of it. The trend has both types of positive and negative effects on the mind of the juveniles.

The games that children play on computer have many benefits. Firstly, they make their mind sharper by providing them the intellectual games. The games that are played on computer are rich in contents and variety. The reasoning ability can be sharpened and the mental exercise is easily possible with the means of these games. The concentration power can be also escalated as the children play by putting all concentration in these games. Apart from this, some games have the limited duration to complete the task thus the blooming buds try to complete the task in the given time and it helps in making them able to manage the time.

On the flip side of the coin, the negative impacts of the computer games cannot be ignored. The aggressiveness is adopted by children with the medium of games is very dangerous. Some games have bloodshed and killing act that attract vulnerable minds to fall in the trap of rage and anger. The children behave in the same manner in their real life as they see in these games. The other thing that is worth mentioning is the ill effects on health. The overtime in playing the games can affect the eyesight and also cause the problems related to bad posture.

Appropriate supervision, fixed time and the content and subject of the games should be right according to the children. The parents and teachers must contribute equally in hunting the best from the children with the medium of games. The unnecessary and bad elements ought to be kept away from the juveniles.


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