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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “The increasing seclusion of children- Reasons and solutions” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

The increasing seclusion of children- Reasons and solutions

The well-knit families of past era are changing into the nuclear families. The numbers of family members are limited and are resulting into the seclusion of children. This trend is affecting both the wards and their guardians equally. The lifestyle that the parents are following is affecting the choices of their off springs in the same manner. Children are envisioning the unique way of living by creating their own world.

The first and foremost reason behind this vogue is the working parents. The parents of the children remain busy with their work the whole day. The nuclear family set up waters the plant of isolation because the younger ones cannot get the company of their grandparents. The parents meet their children from dusk to dawn only. This gives them the feeling of aloneness and they get adapted to the habit of living alone. Apart from this, the technological era has changed the habits of children and adults too. The blooming buds like to spend their most of the time in the company of electronic gadgets.

The extreme isolation of children can lead them towards the wrong path as they sometimes take the wrong decisions without any proper supervision. The way out to solve this problem is the parents should spend some time with their children to make them feel loved and valued. They should drag the working hours to lower period in order to make their children feel the warmth of love. I spite of this, the grandparents should be there to accompany the wards in their free time. The time limit should be fixes for the surfing of internet and the attention should be diverted to other activities and sports to make them more active and social.

To sum up, the parents must take into consideration the habits, activities, mood swings and behaviour of their wards. It will enable the children to mix up with the whole family and friends without any hesitation. Moreover, it will make the family and society more close.


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