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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Healthy competition among students” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Healthy competition among students

The students need a wide number of factors to be successful in their educational field. Hard work, consistency, dedication and proper guidance are utterly important for the attainment of success in the matter of pupils. The importance of healthy competition cannot be ignored in the light of its dire need. This is also a prominent ingredient in the recipe of success. Here are the below mentioned views that will clarify the requirement of this tendency in the students.

The feeling of competition trigger at the hidden potentialities as the pupils recognise the need to do more hard work in order to reach at the desired results. The learners stretch their horizon of mental abilities and push the boundaries of efforts when they feel like lagging behind from their competitors. In addition to this man always wants to lead others and remain advanced while walking towards the destination. So is in the case with students. They always aspire to excel by comparing themselves with the competitors.

The transparent and unbiased competition is mandatory for the growth of student’s career. The first and foremost prime feature that should be there is the absence of grudges and malice with the other classmates. It will breed the negative attributes and make their personality malicious. Along with this, it will spoil the relationships with other batch mates. The students should measure their own accomplishments mainly and record their personal growth firstly. Only after that they can gain some benefits from their attitude towards competition.

The refinement can be brought through adopting the positive attitude and clear mind-set along with the feeling of competition. The only that is required the clear guidance of the elders and the teachers. The children can develop the right path that will build their empire of success.


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