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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Need and Benefits of meditation” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Need and Benefits of meditation


Mind that controls the whole body needs to be healthy first. The changing world is becoming aware about the dire need of psychological health. There are various practices that can make the mind calm but meditation is the oldest and very effective practice that gives the inner tranquillity along with the balanced mind set. It is as much important as the exercise is needed for our body. The mind should also be fit and fine as we think about the physical fitness. The need and benefits of meditation are mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs.

This evolving world is witnessing the tremendous changes in lifestyle. Modern man has become extremely bust and is working around the clock to earn living. This adding to the stress level of the human beings and they are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the complexities of this flourishing world hinders the way of achieving peace and calmness that results in serious mental diseases. The fissures in personal relationships and the rising level of materialism also add fuel to the fire and turn the monster of stress into a giant one. Apart from this, the challenging situations in life compel human beings to underestimate themselves by overthinking as failures.

The remedial measurements are very necessary to overcome the problems that are related to mental health. Mediation is the panacea for this serious problem. It gives relief to the mind and helps a person in exploring himself by sitting peacefully with a positive mind. The relaxation that a person avails from the practice of meditation is boon for the busy bees of this modern world. Besides, mediation increases the power of concentration that results in ensuring the inner peace by accomplishing the various tasks in life.

The practice of meditation on regular basis should be given a serious thought. The parents should inspire their children to do mediation from the initial years of their life. The teachers must guide the pupils and the schools must have the efficient yoga instructors to make the students psychologically sound. Separate and spacious atmosphere ought to be provided to the senior members as well as for the youngsters.



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