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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “The Art of Oration” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

The Art of Oration


Speech is the very special gift by god that helps in communicating the ideas, information, emotions, feelings and even providing guidelines to motivate people. The gift of the gab is utterly influential in making the communication effective. It cannot be inherit but can be learned and improved by practicing the oratory skills. Some small tricks and witty words can add sparkle to the normal and flat speech. The only thing that is needed the reorganization of the required techniques.

A person who is adroit in this skill can make a mark over others and can cast a spell on the minds of the audience. He and she can deliver the ideas in an effective manner and can persuade people to follow the guidelines shown by him or her. The people can be convinced to the maximum extent merely through the right delivery of words with the suitable expressions. The other factor that is worth mentioning is the effect of tone, voice and intonation. The listeners pay more heed to the vibrant speaker as compared to the shaking and timid voice.

The matter of confidence in delivering speech is as much important as other things. A confident speaker can win the hearts of common people by taking them in his confidence with the clarity and compelling power of his personality. He has the power to spread positive vibes with the confident outlook. Furthermore, the command over the subject matter can work wonders. It helps in attaining the reliability of the audience and assist in continuing the al speech in proper flow. The expressions are the decorative part of oration. It adds more effects to the rest of the part.

The art of oration can be learned and improved with the help of simple steps. These steps can assist in delivering the desired message to the public. It can bring the expected results by exchanging the thoughts in skillful manner.


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