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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Rift between Rich and Poor – Causes and Solutions” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Rift between Rich and Poor: – Causes and Solutions


It is the naked reality that the industrial revolution caused the difference between the upper section and the lower section of society. The rift is widening with the every passing day. The rich is becoming the richer and the poor is becoming poorer. There are many driving forces behind this notion. The possible measurements along with the causes are enlisted in this essay.

Capitalism that taught the upper section to keep a tight group on the sources of income is the dominant reason of this difference between the two sections of the society. This monster of capitalism suppressed the weaker portion by marginalizing them by keeping away from the center. It halted the way of direct control and promotion I the matter of destitute people. The snail pace of economic growth compelled less privileged people to remain in the well of poverty. The exploitation by the elite class worked in the favor of only elite class by filling their pocket out of the sweat of poor. The situation has become worse in the contemporary world.

The problem is needed to be sorted out quickly without causing more harm to the suffering class. The government can deal effectively with the problem by enforcing strict laws. A proper check should be there to protect the rights of poor people. The policy of redistribution of funds can work in long run. It will help in assisting the poor people by cutting down the exorbitant funds of the wealthy people. This will ensure the equality in the society. Apart from this, the transparency in the work and the supervision of government can stop the richer section from exploiting them poor class.

The human beings must recognize their true self and real meaning of their existence. They must be humble enough to avoid grabbing the income of other people. On the other hand the suppressed section must raise their voice to attain equality.


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