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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Benefits of Internet in Providing News” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Benefits of Internet in Providing News


Internet is the latest source of news, information, facts, social connection entertainment, promotion and endorsement and so on. It provides every kind of information to even the laymen as each and everyone has the access to internet even in less developed areas. The benefits that it gives are ample especially in the matter of keeping updated and spreading awareness. I would like to unfold the bright side of internet in the given piece of writing.

Internet is taking the modern world with storm. It gives instant views and information covering the every part of the world. It has removed the boundaries of distance. Even a person can come across the happenings all over the world while sitting in his home. Apart from this, it is available 24 hours anyone can surf internet at any time of time of the day. No one can get the fastest delivery of news from the other source as compared to internet. Ranging from the local news it covers the farthest countries and regions.

Moving further towards the other benefits unlike newspaper it offers live incidents and recoding of real happenings along with the written detail of the matter. The captured moments are shared on internet even by common man to spread the information. It brings transparency in the system of corrupted world. Another exciting feature about this is the p9ossibilty of commenting and giving the views about the social matters. The people can express their views with comments.

The most important factor that matters is that how the way people use this valuable gift of modern technology. The authenticity should be ensured I order to provide the reliable information so that the misconception and misunderstanding should be avoided.


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