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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Paid jobs for children – Good or Bad” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Paid jobs for children – Good or Bad


The phenomenon of making children work on salary basis has become very sensitive and complex one. This issue needs proper consideration from all the perspectives because generalisation in this matter cannot be regarded as very judicious as it has different basis.Benefits and drawbacks can be calculated by looking at the all the aspects. The opinions also differ on learning benefits as everyone holds different opinion in the matter of success and gains as well.

The most important factor that is worth consideration is the type of work that is allotted to the children. If the work is dangerous and hard then the life of the child is at risk. The work such as job in mining is tiresome as life risking. The children who work in mines put their life at stake for the sake of money. Many children have lost their lives in doing this kind of jobs.
Young children who are engaged in the turmoil of hard work are less likely to learn anything as it kills their ability to do creative things. They are forced to do the same work without any choice of doing something fruitful and creative. It hinders their imagination and put a full stop on further growth. The health hazards the serious issue that put the paid jobs for children in dark light.

The contrastive view that has some positive aspects is that some parents willingly send their children to do paid jobs because they want to teach them the practical skills. They do not compel them for economic gains but for their own learning benefits. It adds to the development of their potentialities as well give them the feeling of responsibility.


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