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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Importance of etiquettes in life” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Importance of etiquettes in life


There are a number of things that have importance in life. It ranges from money, clothing, food shelter, relationships and many more. But here is something that has its own value in pouring sweetness and compassion in a person’s life. The manners and etiquettes have a very special place in personal and social life. Being human everyone struggles to make the life smoother by every means. These tiny specialities can help to a greater extent to make the social ties close knit in the whole social and cultural setup.

Let’s unfold the bright side of this aspect of social manners. The mannerism occupies a very special place in every society without any distinction. Apart from bringing closeness in relations by vanishing the differences these manners satisfies the requirements of following the particular norms of specific society. These manners grease the wheels of life because it spreads love, compassion and respect. According to the etiquettes the younger ones are supposed to respect the elder members of society. This gives them the feeling of valuable entities. It improves the relations between the seniors and juniors. On the other hand, the youngsters get love and support from the senior members.

The fissures that arrive between relationships due to harsh words can be easily removed with the help of simple words such as Sorry. This word can remove the misunderstanding and rejuvenate the relationship. It also make the personality of a person very transparent and check him or her to become haughty and stubborn in accepting own mistakes. The feeling of gratitude can be expressed through saying thank you. These two words facilitate the feeling of helpfulness while it also shows that the receiver is quite humble to recognise the efforts of the giver.

These qualities are extremely crucial for everyone. It induces refinement in person life, love in relationships and softness in words. The parents should behave in adequate manner to teach their children such values. The teachers should teach the pupils the importance of manners and the children must follow these etiquettes to give the society a very fine outlook.


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