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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Newspaper” Complete Essay for Ielts Students


There are various ways of getting information and coming into contact with the happenings all over the world. The sources range from television to internet. But, the newspaper is the oldest way in the form of printed media that provides authentic news from all over the world. The importance of newspaper is the same despite the new era of modern sources has been heralded. The abundance of benefits and reliability of newspapers has given the prime place of newspapers in the field of information givers.

Newspaper provides the authentic information as it is authorised form of printed media. The editors and the members of press are responsible and answerable to the folks for each and every piece of writing that is given in the newspaper. Apart from this, they avoid giving fake news because it can affect the reputation of the name of their paper. Moreover, the pictorial qualities of newspapers make them very attractive and worth reading as the incidents are represented along with the written data. The children can also develop the habit of reading newspaper by looking at the pictures as the children are fascinated by images and pictures.

The other convincing factor in the matter of benefits of newspapers is that the vocabulary can be improved to the maximum extent. The students can avail the golden opportunity to learn the new words along with adding more knowledge about the world. The people who are involved in some profession also get benefitted and can update their knowledge by just going through the newspaper. Besides, the entertainment, stories ,jokes and the recent fashion matters are completely covered along with the data related to economic sector.

The benefits and bright side of newspaper reading must not be over powered by the modern way of getting information. It has its own positive aspects while the other medium are exceptionally important.


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