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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Female foeticide – The dark side of society” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Female foeticide – The dark side of society

The black world is flooded with many bad elements and social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labour and many more. Female foeticide has also become drastically dominant in the modern world. People are ruthlessly killing the girls in wombs. The human beings are turning into murderers. It is making the whole world imbalanced by playing with the norms of nature. It is defacing the whole picture of society as well as confirming the conservative roots of the thinking of dwellers.

Pondering over the basic reasons behind this tendency, it is crystal clear that the ancient belief of giving preference to the male members of family is the first and foremost reason. The dominance of men as well as the patriarchal setup of society pushes back the female members but supressing their voices even in the matter of welcoming their children into the world. For instance, in some families, a lady is not free to take the decision regarding her children. The elder members of her family and her husband take decisions about her life matters and sometimes they persuade her to abort her girl child.

Further constructing the pyramid of my thoughts, I would like to add that the other social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, eve teasing threaten the parents to take the wrong decision of silencing the voice of the baby girl in her mother’s womb. They feel horrified by listening and witnessing the rising crime rate with women. The monsters of social evils haunt them. In spite of bringing reform they fall into the trap of badness and commit the heinous crime of killing their own daughters. The other reason is the lack of education and awareness in the backward areas where people follow the remote thoughts instead of moving forward.

To put two and two together, it is plausible to state that there is the dire need of pull ignorant people out of their rotten thoughts and beliefs. The advanced section of the society should raise their voice to check the rate of such crimes. A woman must empower herself as well as the other women to save posterity from the danger of imbalance. Each and every one should respect the laws of nature.


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