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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Importance of Exercise” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is necessary for the proper functioning of human body. It works as a fuel to the machine of our bodies. Changing lifestyle, excess of workload, excessive tensions and worries and mother reasons convince us to do exercise regularly to remain satisfied and physically fit. The ancient times were the times of simplicity and les complexities so the way of living was more arduous as compared to the modern life of luxury. So, due to this reason the physical work has become the need of the day.

Exercise is as important as healthy diet because the benefits of taking good diet can only be avail by doing proper workout. If the person is following the accurate diet plan and is not doing any exercise then to utter dismay he or she would not get the right results. Regular exercise keeps the digestive system in good circulation without causing any obstacle in the system. The refreshment that it gives has no match and cannot be replaced by any other source. Daily exercise escalates the blood circulation level that results in making people more active.

Moreover, the concentration level is increased with the help of exercise. The more exercise the fewer burdens suits well to the good habit of putting energies in workout. The diseases can be ignored with the help of running, cardio and aerobics. Heart diseases are taking the tolls with the very passing day and the treatment can only be done by spending exorbitant funds. The monotonous routine makes the mind dull and body lethargic. With the help of exercise this kind of negative attributes are vanished.

The present era is turning into the world of pollution and diseases. The fitness gurus and sportsmen are spreading the awareness about the need of keeping the bodies fit and away from diseases. Children should be taught to imbibe the habit of detoxify their bodies through exercise from the initial years of their lives. The youngsters and middle aged people should also follow the same to inspire others.


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