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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Music” Complete Essay for Ielts Students


The melodious symphonies are liked by everyone without any exception. The chirping of birds, the sweet voice of singers and the tunes of musical instrument take human being to another world that is full of sweetness and imagination. Mortals want to forget the routine life and find solace in the pleasing hues of music. The genres, singers and the compositions add more weightage to the whole effect of musical words.

It is quite judicious to say that the modern man is in dire need of music to lessen the worries as it is panacea to the heavy burden of stress. It works as a tress buster for the people who are busy in their day to day work. By delving deep into the dulcet tunes one can forget all the tensions and worries to the greater extent. Apart from this, Music carries the cultural values to the successors of the heritage by passing on the values, stories, legendary tales and philosophical words. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that nothing can match music in the matter of entertainment.

Moving further towards the other attractive features, it enhances the creativity from the perspective of art. The artists grow in this stream by following their taste and this stream can help them in entering the dazzling world of glamour. It also represent the countries on the, map of world by highlighting the particular singers identity. The moral value of music and lyrics cannot be neglected as the traditional music is the rich treasure of soulful sayings and religious teachings.

The fusion of different musical compositions and forms of music is taking the music on other heights. The only need is to write and sing the meaningful songs along with the gravitating composition. Music is uniting the citizens of the world by appealing to their emotion.


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