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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Definition of Happiness” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Definition of Happiness

It is very hard to define happiness as every individual holds a different opinion regarding the meaning of happiness. It means various things to various people. While some people consider amassing wealth as happiness and for others emotional bonding and relationship success is the way of attaining happiness. On the other hand, spiritual paths are the best way to feel happy at heart by ignoring all other temptations of this materialistic world. Epicureans’ holds the belief that it is amusing to eat, drink and be merry.

This happens due to the variation of thoughts and definition of happiness according to their own perceptions. Each and every definition is true according to their interpretation and understanding. As there are thousands of meanings of happiness the first and foremost thing is to recognise the meaning of happiness according to their inner satisfaction. The identification of the source of happiness is as important as the efforts are important to attain that state of mind.

There is no denying the fact that good relationships, sound health, economic wellbeing and calm environment are utterly important factors but it is not justifiable that without these things a person cannot be happy. The prime thing that is required is the knowledge about the clear perspectives in life. It is very essential factor in achieving happiness. The self-awareness is not an easy task to achieve in one’s life but is it the backbone in the matter of achieving happiness.

It is mandatory to distinguish the essentials in life by ignoring the trivial things. This is the way to be happy because the petty matters hinder the way to happiness. The distractions that are caused by the unnecessary issues should be ignored to attain the bliss of gratifying feeling.


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