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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Manipulation of News-Paradoxical state of Issues” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Manipulation of News-Paradoxical state of Issues


The press is known as the mirror of society. It reflects the day to day happening of the world. People illuminate their minds about the various aspects through the medium of media. But nowadays the role of press is altering according to the personal needs of the upper class and the leaders. They use this tool for their personal gains. News is converted into totally opposite facts that effect people minds in the desired way. The manipulation of news has myriad ill effects that blur the line between truth and lie.

The reality is altered due to selfish motives of the people holding power in their hands. They are rich enough to buy the truth even. The political leaders do not want to raise the curtain from their real being as they hide many evil deeds from common man by keeping in mind their career. Their real identities remain unknown as the media present them by decorating their personalities with good qualities and values. So is in the case with celebrities. They become successful by convincing people to follow them by hiding their works that can degrade their value in the eyes of laymen. The innocent people follow the information without any scrutiny as they believe in the honesty of the press.

This kind of manipulation is playing the havoc with the credibility of media and trust of common man. The citizens have the right to know about the real happening, true personalities, reliable information and sound knowledge about their nation as well as about the world. The change in any kind of information can lead to the wrong delivery of facts that affects the whole matter. Moreover, the citizens remain deprived of their right to information first of all. Secondly, the citizens develop the ignorant state of mind as they do not have the real information. Apart from this, the black faces of the defaulters never come into light and they keep on increasing the range of their deeds.

Overall, it is judicious to state that the workers who are serving the country while working in media centre should be loyal to their profession. It is their first and foremost duty to enlighten the minds of common people by providing them the authentic information. It will make the whole system more transparent without any manipulation and suspicion.


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