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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Cosmopolitan Outlook -Why it is necessary?” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Cosmopolitan Outlook -Why it is necessary?


The contemporary world is converting into a global village at very fast pace. The technological advancement is accelerating its pace even more. The thinking, the dealing, way of moving into social scenario and even the career choices are becoming wider as compared to the former time. To live in this changing world the ways and mind setup is also required to change. Thus, the cosmopolitan outlook is mandatory in order to comprehend the essentials of this modern world.

Each and every one wants to connect to the world and grow tremendously. But, it is impossible to adapt to the changing world by having an old mind set. The narrow walls repel the other people and the person having bad attitude towards other nation can never mix up with the international citizens. Furthermore, the tolerance power and patience level that is increased by this kind of thinking is priceless. The citizens all over the globe share the feeling of oneness without any distinction. This gives birth to the peaceful atmosphere. It can curb many problems. For instance, the dangerous evil of terrorism can be eradicated by developing the feeling of tolerance through cosmopolitan attitude.

Other sombre threat to the humanity that is raising its head is racism. The rift is widening on the basis of centre and periphery as people of west are considered superior to the eastern citizens. The expansion of mental horizon and the tolerant views regarding colour, races, religion and economic status can be a boon for the humanity. The respect for other nations helps in elevating the morale of the dwellers of different nations as well. The international relations from the perspective of business, trade can improve by sharing the same thoughts and feelings.

The awareness for the need of refining the thinking has become very important. It will make the life easier and the world more worth living place. The leaders, teachers, social workers can teach this kind of values to the laymen and students. Even the parents can induce this thinking into the minds of children from the beginning. Getting over the congested area of thinking and entering into the world by shunning off the doubts and negativity can make the lives more refined.


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