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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Leisure Time of Children” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Leisure Time of Children

The blooming buds require the proper guidance and training for each and every activity. Their leisure time should be utilized in very constructive way to enhance their mental ability. Doing ordinary and unplanned activities is mere the wastage of time. The favor falls in the line of attaching educational value to the recreational activities of the juveniles. I would like to elaborate this view in the below given paragraphs.

To start with unfolding the importance of educational activities, the first and foremost is it elevated the mental horizon of kids. The confluence of fun and meaningful work will prove boon for the children. Secondly the period of childhood is the period if forming lifelong habits. It also inculcates the good, manners, values, etiquette and ethics. Thus, leisure activities imbibed with worthwhile tasks help in forming good habits. The games such as building blocks, counting things, completing the spelling make the minds of children more sharp and painting and many more add value to the free time of the wards.

Further constructing the pyramid of my thoughts, I would like to add that if the children indulge in leisure activities only for the sake of fun they will end up wasting their mental and physical energy without any gain. Moreover, children spend majority of their time in leisure activities and that’s why parents should keep an eye to ensure that their wards are learning something qualitative and must confirm that the fruitful activities are done by the little ones.

Putting two and two together, it is plausible to say that the exhaustion of children should be complementary to the worthwhile gains. Their pent up energies should be invested in healthy games. Their time will be utilized in proper manner. This will help in bringing all round development in their personality.


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