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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Working from Home – Is it Good or Bad?” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Working from Home – Is it Good or Bad?


The modern era has changed a lot and offering the global citizens multiple opportunities to grow in every field. The phenomenon of working from home is winning the hearts of people who love privacy in the matter of work. This aspect has both the positive and negative impact on the output of work. These will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

To initiate with the bright side the idea of working from home is very good. There are a many claims in the favor of thus point of view. Firstly, modern era of digital gadgets does not demand supervision. A person can work through electronic devices without any delay or distraction. Apart from this working from home can ensure the neglect of any kind of disturbing elements that sometimes happens at workplace. The environment is peaceful and harmonious. a person can design and modify the apartment according his or her choice can work with satisfaction at home.

Turning towards the different side, working from home can cause the differences due to the distance between the boss and the worker. The issues such as relying upon the employee and authenticity, honesty towards work can incur if the worker is doing work from home. Besides, is has also the fear of getting engaged in any domestic or household work. It does not happen when a person is at office but the personal responsibilities can tamper with the official work. These are the reasons that that put the idea of working from home.

Overall, the employee must be dedicated and concentrated enough to ignore all the distractions at occur at home. Only then he should be permitted to do work from home.


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