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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “The Habit of Overeating” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

The Habit of Overeating

The overall personality is made up of different attributes and traits. The place of habits is crucial in forming the personality of a human being. The good habits are beneficial and are praised by everyone while the bad habit can prove detrimental for the health as well as for the reputation of an individual. The habit of overeating is one of the bad habits that can deface the personality of any person. The ill effects of this habit are enlisted in the following paragraphs.

The habit of eating in excess can bring hazards to the health. The food that is eaten in more proportion makes the body fatty and bad in shape. The outlook is distorted by eating without thinking. The body gains more fat by in taking food that is more than requirement. It can lead to the inferior complex in the human beings as they start feeling misfit in the society of good looking people. Apart from this the, a glutton is disliked by the near and dear ones. He is looked down upon by the people in social gatherings.

The overeating has the direct connection with obesity. The more food attracts the more fat. An obese cannot stay away from the health problems for longer time. The overweight people are prone to fall in the trap of cardiac arrest. The problems related heart is more in the obese people. Furthermore, it makes them lethargic. They lose the activeness and become sluggish and lazy. The digestive system is affected in the bad way if the person is eating without becoming conscious.

There is the dire need of taking into consideration the benefits of good diet and ill effects of taking unscheduled diet. The parents should teach the children from the very beginning to eat in proper way. The adult should consult some dietician for the better results.


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