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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Books” Complete Essay for Ielts Students


Books are the best way to communicate with the people with the medium of words. It is the excellent way to express the thoughts, ideas, feeling and emotions of the writer with the readers. On the other hand the readers get benefits by developing the reading habit. They explore the wide arena of unlimited knowledge. The formation of habit regarding reading books is crucially important for the children so they can grow into intellectual adults by getting knowledge. Need and benefits are mentioned below in the subsequent piece of writing.

Delving deep into the sea of words enlightens the mind of the readers. Books are the storehouse of knowledge that provides the edge over ordinary people as a regular reader keep on updating himself with the help of acquiring latest information. People can illuminate their lives by getting into touch with the philosophical sayings of the wise and reputed writers. The valuable thoughts are transmitted by printed media to the laymen. Every kind of knowledge along with the access to different literature is possible with the reading.

The addition to vocabulary is the fine feature of this good habit. A reader can grab and comprehend the linguistic attributes by just going through the pages. A reader can also grow as a bilingual or multilingual personality. The religious, moral, aesthetic value of books makes them worth adoring. The concentration power can be escalated by reading books cover to cover. Creativity enhancement is also a salient feature of this good habit.

Though the technological era has casted spells over the modern citizens yet books hold a central place in the world of knowledge and information. The easy availability, simple format, valuable approach and ample benefits make the books stand first in the in the race of knowledge providers.


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