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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Crime against Women and Children” Complete English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, Graduation classes.

Crime against Women and Children

Crimes against women are on the rise these days. We frequently hear about the rape of girls and women not only in rural areas but also in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. Sometimes, even small gigs aged 12 or below arc raped by beastly, young men. There come to light sometimes even close relatives like cousins and uncles violating the modesty or young girls. It is no secret that sexual abuse of girls at domestic places is very common, in a few cases brought to light by the media, even fathers have broken the sacred bond of fatherhood and raped their own daughters. This heinous action cannot be condemned adequately by using any words.

In many cases, the delivery of justice is much delayed because of procedural hassles. But there are at least two cases which show that justice can be provided only if quick and proper action is taken. Sometimes in 2005, ‘a Jodhpur-based court made history by announcing life imprisonment to a criminal for committing rape one German tourist. The .case was decided in a record time of 20 days after the incident. .But, later, in November 2005, a Chief Judicial Magistrate of Jaipur city, broke this record when he sentenced an accused to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 500 just in 28 hour after the incident for trying to molest a South Korean tourist woman. 

 Surprisingly, not only girls but also boys are being increasingly absurd sexually. Commercial child sexual abuse is going on unabated. It is believed that almost 50 per cent of the children below 16, have been victims of direct or indirect child sexual abuse by acquaintances. While 90 per cent of abusers are males, 10 per cent of those abusing boys are women acquaintances or close relatives.

According to a Programme Facilitator with a Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse, “The youngest reported victim of child sexual abuse in India was a 16-day old baby girl, while many cases of abuse against children as young as two years have been reported in recent times. And these cases are not restricted to the lowest socio-economic strata. Child sexual abuse is taking place in normal affluent homes. However, our laws are inadequate to deal with this crime. The Indian Penal Code recognizes only direct child sexual abuse as crime (rape / sodomy), but fails to deal with indirect abuse.”

Sometimes, the perpetrators of these crimes threaten the victims of dire consequences if they reveal the truth to the public or-concerned people. At other times, the parents do not believe the child or brush aside his / her version of the story simply fearing strain in or stigma to family relations. Our government should’ severely punish the culprits to smash these heinous crimes.  


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