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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Role of Media” Complete English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, Graduation classes.

The Role of Media

Sometime back a famous journalist, explained the positive role played by print media. He cited examples from the North-East India. He further said that exposure by print media had restrained extremist out-fits like ULFA, reducing the number of civil causalities in terrorist violence. The state itself had to change its own position vis-a-vis the infamous IMDT Act and Armed Forces Special Power Act in the face of continuous reporting of resistance to these acts by the local media.

Resident Editor of a renowned newspaper highlighted the importance for alternative media to ensure objective reporting. He pointed out that sometimes the journalists had to face pressures from terrorists and other establishments and they had to report with caution terrorist cases. In such cases, alternative media could fill the gap in objective reporting.

Of late, a debate hits started about the issue of media ethics and responsibilities. There is no doubt that credibility is the principal criteria of the media particularly in the sphere of mass media. It is quite understandable that a press without any restraints, responsibilities and ethical concerns can be a threat to a free society.

The question of media ethics has become even more complex with the emergence of the electronic media, that is earlier television and now satellite broadcasting. Even if there is a regulatory mechanism imposed by the state on the media, the relevance of media ethics still ‘continues to exist.

The expansion of mass media has increased the importance and power of media manifold. At the same time it cannot be denied that over the years the credibility of the media has diminished. Particularly, the people find the news media biased, arrogant, insensitive sensational and at times even fake. There is, indeed, a growing tendency of corporationalisation of the media which makes it committed not so much to public interest as to vested interests.

The media must accept and practise certain broad principles of behavior. It must be accountable to readers or viewers as the case may be. It must not present advertisements as news. The “paid” and “non-paid” portions must be clearly demarcated and presented. There should be no system of ratings which mislead the readers. The readers should be encouraged to express their views freely on its contents and these views must be published for all to read.

The role of media and its ethics should be widely studied discussed and analyzed in educational institutions and at various forums. The journalism institutions must produce more enlightened journalists who are committed and dedicated to public interest. There should be an inculcation of moral element right at the start to generate an ability to rise above temptations so that there should be no swooping to conquer in this noble profession.


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