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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Autobiography of A Computer Mouse” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Autobiography of A Computer Mouse 


Click-click, I am your favourite Mousy, the mouse of a computer. As today is my birthday, I thought of writing about myself. Have you ever thought how it feels for being clicked throughout one’s life? I know that man has manufactured me for clicking over me. I help my user to make his computer operations easier. I am his very obedient and reliable servant.

Let me give a brief introduction about myself. I am an optical mouse with USB/PS2 v2.0 interface. I am born in a company called Microsoft’ in a Chinese factory. I have two click buttons and a scroll wheel. My scroll glows with a beautiful blue light. I even have a black wire of about two meters that is connected with my master’s CPU.

I render my services to a book writer who never gets bored clicking and scrolling over me. He uses me nearly seven to eight hours a day. I help him in writing books. Without me, his work can become slow and difficult. However, he is using me since last three years.

I enjoy being in safe hands of experienced user. However, one day my master was teaching something on the computer to his seven-year-old daughter. After some time, he gave my complete control to her and went away. I can still feel the pain thinking of that moment. Without any feelings, the child tapped my click buttons as if I was her toy. She became so excited that she was almost on top of me. Soon her father came and rescued me.

I enjoy the most when my master uses me. He handles me so gently as if I am a newly born baby. As far as my master is concerned, I have a little complaint. He uses me excessively. Moreover, he is very fond of my co-worker ‘Mr. Keyboard’. Even Mr. Keyboard is manufactured in Microsoft Company. He uses us every day. My master has his own style of using in terms of timing and speed.

Guess what. I think I am going to retire soon although I am in usable condition. I overheard my master talking to his wife last night. He is planning to replace me with a wireless mouse, which is my newer generation. Although I served him with greatest sincerity over the past three years, he is not giving a second thought of retaining me.

I cannot speak like you; otherwise, I would have requested my master to rethink about his decision. I wish if he considers the extension of my services. I promise that I will serve him until I become useless. Dear readers, do you think that my master must consider my services as long as I am in a good working condition?


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