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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Autobiography of An Essay Book” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Autobiography of An Essay Book


Hello friends, I am one of the books written by F.M. Tata, you know the author who recently created a famous series of writing skill books for Golden Minds Publishing House. He has earned name for himself by creating several other successful titles in the past.

I am a useful book to students and teachers alike. I comprise several imaginative and informative topics. Editors read me for three days and corrected the errors on my pages. As they liked my material, I was sent for printing. They printed my five thousand copies. Soon my brothers and I were sent to bookshops in different parts of the city. However, I have a colourful and glistening pink cover. However, now in one of the shelves in a bookshop, I proudly stand thinking for an essay lover to come and buy me.

One day, a very rude, energetic boy visited the bookshop. This was the end of my good days. He turned over my pages with his dirty, sticky fingers and torn few of my pages. I was horrified at his heartless attitude. The shopkeeper forced the boy’s mother to buy me, because no one would now buy a torn book.

As soon as I got to my new home, I was put aside carelessly. To my shock, a small boy crawled towards me, attracted by my pink shiny cover. He was holding a sipping cup, which was filled with an apple juice. First, he held me with wet fingers and then he salivated all over me. To make the situation worse, he spilled some juice on me, making me all dirty and wet. He even tried to chew a corner of my cover until his mother rescued me. Finally, they purchased me.

At bed time, that rude boy decided to read me while eating some pastries. He read a few pages and used his fat fingers to wipe off my pages. Soon he got bored after reading just a few pages and threw me across the room. To my complete dismay, I landed in the laundry basket over dirty filthy clothes.

Next morning, the house cleaner carried me off to somewhere. I could not see anything because I was choked by the clothes. She rolled the whole basket over and I was in the washing machine. I tumbled around for many minutes. When the boy’s mother saw my tattered remains, she picked me out of soapy dirty water and threw me aside in disgust. A crow sat on me and well my existence had almost ended.

After I, dried out, I was put alongside old newspapers and other books that seem to have gone through the same anguish like me. I am aware of the fact that I will be sold with old rubbish and may be recycled.

I end my sad story with a request. Remember, children, books are your best friends. You gain knowledge and learn many things by reading us. You can visit and travel to distant places through us without leaving your home. Reading us will help you to communicate better and develop new ideas. So take good care of us.


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