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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Sweet are the uses of Adversity” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Sweet are the uses of Adversity

Essay No. 01

People are afraid of adversities. They shun difficulties and want to lead a life of luxury and comfort. But the world-famous poets—dramatist, Shakespeare, held a different opinion. For him the uses of adversity are sweet. He compares adversity to toads. A Toad is ugly  We hate it. But it has a jewel in its head.  So also we are afraid of adversity. But it has many sweet uses. Adversity is a blessing in disguise. It is not a curse as is generally supposed. 

Misfortunes make the man. They are the real tests of character. One who faces difficulties comes out of the encounter better and abler. They are like a hard schoolmaster. Students are afraid of such a teacher. He takes work from them and punishes them also. But he has the good of the students at heart. He makes their career. So difficulties are also good for a man in the long run. One should not be afraid of them. Difficulties train and develop the natural faculties of a man just as herbs give out their sweet fragrance when they are crushed, so a man of real ability or virtue shines all the brighter when pressed with difficulties. So we should not be afraid of difficulties but rather welcome them. They are like the bitter pills which the doctor gives his patient to cure him. Adversity is to our own good. It may be bitter at the time, but its uses are really sweet. Difficulties are the ladders on which we climb to success, nothing great can be achieved or has ever been achieved, without grappling with difficulties. All the great men of the world are those who faced difficulties bravely and then overcame them. Those who lead a life of ease and comfort and never achieve much. Nothing is to be expected of such people, but everything is possible for those who have faced difficulties, have failed but have persisted in spite of failure. Difficulties vanish when they are faced boldly. They are like thieves that take to their heels at the first encounter. What appears to be unsure mountable mountains disappear before a bold attempt, and paths hitherto unseen open out to the view. Everest was conquered by those who boldly faced the dangers in their way and did not falter on their attempts. in spite of initial failures; Columbus could discover America only because he faced the unknown wild oceans with confidence and courage and did not care for any difficulties. The entire human civilization is but a record of the exploits of those heroic souls who were undeterred by any difficulties that came in their way. Rather, the difficulties were but spurs that goaded them on to make yet greater efforts.


Essay No. 02

Sweet are The Uses of Adversity

Among the sweet fruits of life, no one likes the bitter fruit of adversity. It is unwelcome as an unwanted guest. It could chance upon us in any from disease, loss, accident, or sorrow.

During these periods of stress, we curse fate and the God Almighty. In the process, we lose the will to fight back. We forget that after the fateful day our sufferings ought to take a back seat to the process of recovery. We fail to realize the good that has come out of the adversity because we insist upon seeing only one side of the picture. We become blind to the other point of view.

In the machine created by the Almighty, we are a small insignificant part. We are too small to judge the workings of the Lord. Our position is like a small insect in a huge departmental store. We are therefore unable to make any head or tail of its contents. So, we complain and even doubt the existence of the merciful God. We in our ignorance feel that God is unjust and cruel. However, if we think and observe calmly, we will be able to observe the light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel. These sentiments can be expressed in the following lines-

Judge not the lord by feeble sense.

But trust Him for His grace:

Behind a frowning providence

He hides a smiling face,

His purposes will ripen fast.

Unfolding every hour;

The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower.

We will thus come to a conclusion that adversity is infact a blessing in disguise. It makes the heart, soul, and mind firm and well prepared. The character is strengthened. We in the process become more apt in dealing with the vagaries of life. Sufferings make us brave. It is a trial and not a punishment. Sufferings are made to test the mettle of a person. Suffering is a fire and we come out stronger and wiser after passing through it. In fact, adversity is like a test……. an examination and an opportunity to prove our real worth.

In other words, sufferings refine the character of a person. It is just like a dark cloud that will eventually give rain and prosperity. Therefore the darker the cloud the heavier the rain. Has not somebody once said ‘there can be no gain without pain’.

We can conclusively say that pain and pleasure, loss and profit, reward and punishment are part of our everyday life. We cannot survive by avoiding one for another. We have to continue striving hard if we are to rise above the mundane emotions that pull a person away from the path of progress.


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