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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Fortune Favours the Brave” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Fortune Favours the Brave

Essay No. 01

The story of brave men are frequented in our legends and myths. The brave are subjected to countless hardships and incidents. But it is momentary triumphs because, in the end, it is the brave who has the laugh,. The fabulous heroes of Greek mythology known for their courage and valor have often found their way into the world. The life of Odysseus the Greek hero was full of adventure and struggle but in the end, he overcomes adversities. The familiar story of Androcles and the Lion depicts how the brave Androcles were saved by destiny. He was condemned to death and was thrown into the cage of a hungry lion. But the lion turned out to be the one he had befriend when he took out a painful thorn from a paw.

Greek mythology tells us Arion, the famous poet, and musician who jumped into the sea to escape from his enemies. The sea was rough and his chances of survival were removed but he was a brave and resourceful man. He sang loudly as he fought with the waves and his music so charmed a dolphin that it carried him to the safety of shores. History acquaints us with many great heroes who changed the very order of the world by pertinacious effort and indomitable courage.

If you don’t ride a bicycle, you never fall” goes the proverb: it is true; you don’t fall off, you don’t hurt yourself, but then you never learn how to ride a bicycle will do you? So you ought to undertake risk or initiative to achieve something. Then there is the example of The boy who got stung by a nettle while playing in the field. He ran home to tell his mother that he was stung by the weed as he touched it then the mother told him “It was you just touching the weed that caused it to sting you, next rightly your mettle with a nettle, grasp it tightly and it will do you no harm.” What do we derive from those references? Do and do boldly what you do at all; because time and tide, wait for none and fortune seldom smiles on the face of fools.

Scanning out the ingredients of fortune. To my mind, it is a rare blend of success, fame, and prosperity. Success comes to those who take the quantum leap it comes to those who try who make an effort, who persevere, and those who are brave. Fame follows, success, since nothing succeeds like success together with fame, brings prosperity which makes a man’s fortune. Hence he who exhibits leadership traits meets with success which ultimately gives him fame and prosperity to make him the fortunate one.

We must try and try again till we succeed; for it is often the last key in the bunch which opens the lock. Quite often, we see people just giving up their fight in the middle taking their defeat for granted; little do they realize that more effort could have won glory. After feeble and half-hearted attempts they lose heart and lie down frustrate for friends’ sympathy which is not forthcoming. Such people simply lack courage, patience, and perseverance to fight to the last, unaware of the fact that Rome was not built in a day. Great undertakings require mature thinking and steady efforts. A coward trembles at the slightest danger or at the least apprehension of a loss; all his energies are then paralyzed and his will enervated. 

If one is to spot one just single virtue which has invariably led to success on the material or at the spiritual plane. It is perseverance; most of us fail in our objective because we lack this essential quality. It was rightly quoted by Winston Churchill.

“And by eastern wind only

When day light comes, comes in the light,

In front, the sun climbs slow, how slowly

But westward look, the land is bright.”

Right before us, we have not one or two but innumerable examples of people who continuously strived till they succeeded Alexander, the great was bent on world conquest and he did conquer. Columbus set his heart on the sea and he firmly met with success on an otherwise considered arduous venture. The goddess of success visits only those who lay everything at her alter. Success can not be had merely for the wishing or asking. One has to struggle, sweat, and sacrifice, none but the brave deserve the fair. The timid man goes on calculating. He studies the pros and cons of every step he contemplates, then never takes that; he looks before he leaps but never leaps; the bold man acts. He does not count the cost if something is to be done, it has to be done at all cost and he does it.

Have courage, have patience and feel not let down at initial failures, for success shall be yours. But it is a long long way and you will have to strive again and again even after failures every time with a new zeal and enthusiasm you might have to go on and miles on end before having acquaintance with success finally but before success comes to you will have to brave the storm because nobody plans to fail, we just fail to plan.


Essay No. 02

Fortune favors the brave

Our survival is made possible by our actions. Our actions, however, need not always be successful. We may face failures and setbacks from time to time which may disappoint and discourage us. But, however painful or disappointing these failures and setbacks maybe, they should never create a feeling of fear in us, or affect our enthusiasm for life. With courage and determination, we should overcome fear and continue to work with optimism and vigor. We shall realize that we can achieve much more by overcoming fear than by succumbing to it.

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