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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Best Pal” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Best Pal

Man is asocial animal and if he is not, he is either a god or an .animal. True and sincere friend is a rare commodity. Materialism has made him a few and far between phenomenon.  I have many friends but most of them are my nodding friends. Of them all Sunil is my best friend. His traits make me arrive at this conclusion.

Sunil has been my classmate since my early days. He belongs to a moderately well-to-do-family. His qualities of head and -heart have made him the darling of all.

Sunil has a sweet temperament. He never hurts anybody’s feelings. He knows; what is good for him is good for others also. So he does nothing that puts others in trouble. He is gentle, courteous, good mannered, well behaved and sympathetic. He hears more and talks less. But whenever he speaks, he is logical and reasonable.

He is not .a spendthrift and values money. He rarely frequents movies as he always says studies are more important, movies can enter life later on. It does not mean he hates entertainment or recreation. He watches TV, reads storybooks, plays with his friends and joins excursions arranged by school. He made me an early riser. I, who have never seen a rising sun go with him for morning walk daily.

He is studious but not a book-worm. He is intelligent and sharp and whatever he studies, he studies with single minded devotion. He stands first because in him there is a harmonious amalgamation of hard work and recreation.

Sunil stands by me through thick and thin but he is not a flatterer. He points out openly if I am wrong and tries to mend my ways. I do feel angry but later on I realize that Sunil is always right.

Lo, I forgot to tell you how he looks. He is tall, handsome and has sharp features and fair complexion. He gives practical shape to the saying—a sound mind in a sound body. He is respectful and even wishes those teachers who do not teach him. His ambition is to be a renowned doctor and serve the needy. I cannot study without his help. I did have many weaknesses but his company has weakened and lessened them. He has a ‘Midas’ touch. He shuns bad company but he does not hate the persons, he hates their activities.

Sunil’s winsome smile is simply killing. I am lucky to have such a lovely and dependable friend. His greatest quality to catch time by its forelock impresses one and all. May he live long! I love my pal.


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