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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Favourite Book” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Favourite Book

Essay No. 01

On the recommendation of my mom, I read the Ramayana and found it an ultimate book. I reread it and I was not tired. My mom has rightly told me that the more one reads it, the more wisdom one gets from it. The Ramayana is my valued possession. It elevates me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The book is a storehouse of wisdom. Each couplet is laced with a directive for life. It makes one socially, morally, and religiously sound. It deals with kings and queens, princes and princesses, wars and intrigues yet it is applicable to the lives of common people. Here lies its beauty. The reader feels that he is one of the characters.

It teaches us the values of family ties and how to maintain and sustain them. It tells us that a son should remain obedient to his father and should understand his problems. Wifely faithfulness is beautifully presented. Sita rejects the comforts and pleasures of the palace to be with her husband in the sun and shower. The book also displays what real brotherly devotion is. Lakshmana did not leave his elder brother in the lurch but he voluntarily renounced a cozy life. He accompanied Rama and shared all the ordeals. The younger brother, Bharat, did not make merry getting the crown and said that Ram and nobody else was the rightful master of the kingdom. Materialism could not corrupt his mind.

This book also tells us that evil or vice can never win. Truth can get covered by the darkness of lies but penetrating rays of truth pierce the body of lie and give it a crushing defeat: It gives us a lesson of life. It is that we should never bully our younger’s. To flourish we must let them flourish. We must recognize that wisdom is not dependent on age. Had Ravana cared for the advice of his younger brother he would have established cordial relations with Rama. The book also depicts that one should remain loyal to one’s master and the sanctity of womanhood should never be violated in any way.

Countless lines can be written to count the good points of the Ramayana and still many good points would remain unsung. The Ramayana is really a matchless book.


Essay No. 02

My Favourite Book

They have stood by him in good and bad days. In this world, the only objects that are worth possessing are books. They take you to different parts of the world, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you think and they entertain you.

One such book that, besides entertaining me and making me laugh, also makes me think is the play called ‘Arms and the Man’. It is written by George Bernard Shaw

The main theme of this play/book is to bring out the absurdity of war and love. It brings out the hypocrisy of the glorification of war and the romanticism of love and marriage.

Written in characteristic Bernard Shaw style, this book has many witty dialogues between characters. It bares the notions of people that war breeds heroism and love leads to an ideal marriage. Shaw also draws our attention to the fact that servants are not our social equal. They perform an important task for society.

The character of Bluntschli and Raina have been taken as two symbols of idealized concepts of heroism and love. Their illusions are shattered when they discover that war is not all heroism and marriage is not all sensibility.

To an average man, a soldier is a hero, who has done great deeds on the battlefield. The play brings to light that aspect of the war of which people are not aware, the aspect of shattered nerves and imbalance of mind. It underlines the fact that war is not amusement but a hell on earth

Similarly, love is not glamour, nor is it invested with beauty and poetry. This book emphasizes that love that is not tempered with reason and understanding cannot last forever. Marriage should be considered a solemn bond from which should take birth to new and better generations.

This book warns us of building castles in the air. It cautions us not to be driven by idealism alone, instead, we should learn to face the stern realities of life.


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