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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Road Accident” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Road Accident

Vehicles are multiplying at a tremendous pace. No dependable public transport system, car being a status symbol, owning bikes to zoom through the traffic have led to vehicle explosion. The result is accidents and accidents. Hectic life and the competition to surpass others have made man speed maniac. A cyclist tries to overtake a scooterist, a scooterist wants to show a big thumb to a car driver and a car wants to hit her big brother bus below the belt. Spirit of overtaking and scant respect for traffic rules cause accidents.

One day I witnessed a horrible road accident, There was a heavy traffic on the road. I was on the zebra crossings. One loaded truck sped up when the signal turned red, The driver ignored the whistle of the traffic constable on duty. Had he applied brakes the truck could have overturned. A motorcyclist zoomed. He did see the truck but there was no time to apply brakes. The truck hit him. He was flung into the air and fell down on the-road-with a thud. His helmet came off. Unluckily he fell down before the speeding truck. The truck dragged him to a considerable distance before it stopped. There was confusion on the crossing. Vehicles coming from all directions halted.

The traffic policeman ran towards the truck. Many passersby gathered around the boy who was profusely bleeding. None showed guts to touch him. The victim’s legs showed no movement. He was lying dying on the road. With great difficulty a police gypsy reached there. Without waiting i ‘for an ambulance they put the bleeding man into their gypsy and rushed towards a nearby hospital.

The victim had lost his consciousness. Much blood had drained out of his body. One of his eyes had been pierced by the glass of his goggles. His head got swollen. A constable was sent to his house after knowing his address from his driving licence. His parents rushed to the hospital. Seeing their only son lying unconscious in the ICU ward they wept bitterly. The doctors tried their level best to save him but they could not. The young man met a premature death and left his parents lamenting.

The police had arrested the truck driver who had tried to flee away. An accident, the result of carelessness, filled the life of the parents with permanent gloom and darkness. This accident would not have occurred only if the boy and driver were careful. For days together the painful memories of this accident kept on haunting me.


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