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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect


Nature in its various forms is perfection in itself. Man or any living being is an entity of this nature where life strives hard to attain or fetch its livelihood. Man has his own means to meet the ends of livelihood. Ends are usually defined as goals in materialist and spiritual form. Materialistic ends like food, clothing and shelter require means like earning money. Spiritual ends are perfection of human qualities which reflects human nature. To meet these spiritual ends, man needs practice as means.

Practice, can be defined as taming one’s mind soul and body to certain activities uniformly aimed at achieving certain requirement more smoothly and satisfactorily. This universal satisfaction in certain achievement can be defined as perfection.

Human attributes like faith, determination, confidence and emotions when complemented with practice lead to perfection when we speak of determination as a human quality. Our memory dates back to mythological era where we learn about the resolute determination of Eklavya who was denied education by Droncharya. In spite of racial discrimination and denial of education his determination made him to learn in front of his master’s idol and this determination complemented with years of practice made him one of the most skillful in the art of archery.

Practice is an exercise and mantra which tunes both our physical and mental entities to the required frequency that leads us to perfection. In this faith is one such kind of cohesie force which brings both the entities together. By supplementing this with planned practice anyone can achieve his goals in more comprehensive manner.

Human beings are ambitious. Ambition compels human beings to practise day in day out to see their ambitions, fulfilled. Practice is one such kind of tool which sharpens human abilities and capabilities beyond their capacities in persuit of goal.

When we speak of confidence as human quality, it is practice which awakens the lethargic potential and induces confidence, so it is his practice which gives birth to confidence and it is this confidence which never reverts back human intention to achieve perfection.

Practice is sadhna, in other words, it is meditation. With this a man can achieve anything in his life and bedeck his life with bed of roses and can become exemplary. Our history is replete with stories of great persons who stand at unreachable heights.

 Scientifically practice has been proved to be the only way to achieve perfection challenges can be steeping stones or stumbling blocks but it is just matter of how you win them. So practice is one such bioscope which gives us a clear view of the challenges and prepare us in a right direction to accept the challenges and sharpen our abilities both physical and spiritual to meet the challenges for achieving thumping victory.

In this universe there are very few lucky who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They don’t have to strive hard for fulfillment of their wishes. With less practice and by virtue of inherited means wishes are fulfilled, but it is the practice that makes a man recognise his limitations and prepare a suitable practice schedule to attain his goals.

Right from beginning a man has to do many things and assume several posture and achieve several goals. When a child enters this world he crawls towards his desired objects but slowly and steadily he becomes so desperate that he wants to get those objects instantaneously and slowly, he realises that he has to stand up on his legs and walk to reach his goal. This intention compels him to practise walking and, if needed even running which he realises as an improvement in reaching new vistas through which a person can find an answer that is more suitable and appropriate.

To practise is to meditate in hot and cold, good and bad situations, in favourable and unfavourable condition. We can see the society discarding handicapped people who are helpless. It is this discrimination that gives birth to determination for practice. A person with artificial legs practises to walk on his with or without human support and this practice one day. Enable him to even run.

Practice is one such activity that enhances will power of person. It encourages one to accept abnormal challenges and come out strong. Perfection attained through practice can’t be stolen by others.

Practice makes a man perfect it is not a saying. It become true in case of many pre-eminent persons of this world. Today, they say, the reason behind their success is not only continuous practice. So they treat practice as mother to success because practice provides only positive results and it can never be called failure. That is why, some people are often heard saying that due to lack of practice they are unable to perform as usual.

To summerise practice is the child of determination and ambition. In this practice gives birth to faith and confidence and perfection is the illuminate result of all the above attribution. One has to be aware of the fact that without planned and continuous practice, it is not possible to reach to achieve goals. So perfection and practice go hand in hand that is why practice makes a man perfect.


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