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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “An Ideal Student” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Student

The aim of true education is all round development of a student. So an ideal student is that who has developed so. He has muscles of iron and nerves of steel. He sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil. Failures do not depress him nor successes turn his head. He has a balanced mind and personality.

An ideal student is of strong character. He possesses good qualities of head and heart. He is hardworking, respectful, honest and has moral courage. He speaks truth and sides with truth, come what may. He is well mannered and has etiquette. He respects elders and loves youngsters. He is obedient.

He knows the value of games and sports and socialization. He takes care of his body and mind.

He respects time and does not while away the precious moments. He catches the time by its forelock. He never postpones a thing knowing very well that future is uncertain.

He is fully conscious of his duties and responsibilities. He has civic sense. In fact, he is the leader of tomorrow.

He avoids bad company. He selects his friends intelligently and wisely. Once selected he stands by them through sun and shower.

 He is model of regularity and punctuality. He is disciplined, sincere, truthful and attentive. He is studious but never a bookworm. He does not have hollow cheeks and sunken eyes. He is never a physically bankrupt intellectual.

He shuns vandalism, hooliganism and demonstrations. But he is fearless and always tries to be right and looks right. He tries to express himself logically and forcefully. He always has optimistic attitude towards life. No underhand methods he undertakes. He has thirst for knowledge. If others outdo him he accepts their superiority with humility. He believes in healthy competition. Jealous, he is never. To establish himself he does ‘not become a backbiter or a flatterer. He does not take things lying down.

He does nothing that may cast aspersions on his school, on his parents and on his relatives.

He knows he owes very much to his parents, to society and to country. He tries his level best to repay it later on.

The qualities which I have counted so far make an ideal student a rare commodity. But a student even having shades of these qualities in him is not less than an ideal student.


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