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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Ideal Teacher” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is a rare commodity in the present environment. Materialism has eaten into all niceties of life. Still we do come across ideal teachers who keep the system going.

An ideal teacher possesses some basic qualities. If he has them he is jewel among men and rules over the hearts of his students. An ideal teacher must have a seeing eye, a feeling heart and a thinking mind. He is a potter and an artist who moulds the lump of clay into the finest shapes.

An ideal teacher is a preacher but not -in. the narrow sense of the term. He practices what he preaches. He keeps his body and mind clear and pure. He is a man of high character. He has the qualities of head and heart. His qualities students try to emulate. His personality and action can make or mar a nation. An ideal teacher is a model for his pupils.

He is master of his subject and he knows in absolute terms how to reach his students. His intellectualism he does not show but he tries his hard to make his students intellectuals. He feels the pulse of the students and can play to the gallery also. His primary aim is to be understandable. He does not call students duffer, brainless, dull, etc. He tries to explain things to them smilingly till they get what they want.

He does not like his students to be book-worms. He finds himself a failure in his duties if he sees students having sunken eyes and hollow cheeks. He encourages them to socialize through games. This way he inculcates in them team spirit, cooperation and sportsmanship.

He is fearless, earnest and sincere in the discharge of his duties. He is a moulder. So he acts like a friend, guide and philosopher. His aim is to raise the level of his pupils in all aspects. He keeps contact with their parents and advises them how to get best out of their wards.

No corporal punishment he gives but he does not brook indiscipline. Even out of school he points out if he finds his students doing something wrong. But he is not a moralist. He does not bully his pupils. He is like father to a child. A slant in his eyebrow is sufficient to set the things right.

With his colleagues he is friendly. He is not angelic and does have weaknesses. He keeps an aesthetic distance from the students. He is not artificial but he does not want his weaknesses to cast shadow on his students. He tries to win over his weaknesses.

The greatest reward a teacher gets when he sees his students touching heights in life.

Perfection is hard to achieve. A teacher with some hues of the characteristics discussed so far is near perfection. We want such teachers.


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