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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “An Ideal Citizen” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Citizen

We need ideal citizens to make democracy survive and thrive. They and not anything else can take the country to heights of glory and greatness. They earn international recognition for their motherland. Wherever they go they invoke respect for themselves and for their country.

An ideal citizen knows his rights and duties clearly. No overlapping whatsoever. He has an allegiance to his nation. He does not betray and does nothing that can lower the esteem of his country.

He is law-abiding but he has the guts to raise his voice against unjust laws. But he does not indulge in hooliganism, violence and vandalism. If he sees others adopting unconstitutional means to further their ends he advises them and persuades them not to do so.

He has an appreciable civic sense. He does nothing that goes against the established norms of society. He does nothing that can harm the interests of other citizens. He knows what is good for him is good for others also. He does not try to shake the well established pyramid of society.

He knows a country runs smoothly only when its citizens pay their taxes honestly. An ideal citizen does not try to hoodwink the state authorities and pays his taxes smilingly. He shuns such practices as corruption, adulteration, black-marketing, smuggling, terrorism, communalism, provincialism, nepotism, etc. Rather, he exposes such practices even at the risk of his life.

He respects the constitution and the national flag. He casts his vote not on emotional grounds but objectively. He does not go to a hill station on the Election Day because it is a public holiday. He thinks that to cast his vote is his sacred and religious duty.

He does not pollute the environment. He fights social evils openly. He knows that in democracy majority has the upper hand but he does not fear registering his doubts and apprehensions logically and emphatically. This way he keeps his conscience clear.

He tries hard to keep himself physically and mentally fit. He knows it very well that only then he can be an ideal citizen He is patriot to the backbone. He works like a sieve and hefts the authorities to separate grossness from the public life He does not fear to raise his voice against corruption, favoritism and nepotism. He acts as a reformer, so to say.

The progress and prosperity of a country depends upon the percentage of ideal citizens. We need them badly. An ideal citizen asks not what the country has done for him but only what he can do for his country.


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